Lot’s of people agree on how pretty pleated blinds can look but did you know how versatile they can be too?

Not only are there a great range of colours and styles available, but you can combine textures to give a ‘night and day’ option.

Twin Pleated Blinds give you a number of choices so that you have increased control over light filtration and privacy.

Twin Pleated Blinds

Dual Skylight BlindsTwin Pleated Blinds

Choose a translucent fabric for the bottom and a blackout fabric for the top. This gives four possible combinations for your blinds – you can select the translucent option for daytime, the blackout option for privacy at nighttime, a combination of the two to filter out harsh sunlight during the day or just raise the blinds completely during the day to allow sunlight in.

Window Blind Safety

No control cords are needed for twin pleated blinds making them one of the safest blind types. They are controlled by raising and lowering the plastic control handles attached to the bottom of each blind (see main picture).


Top Down Bottom Up

If you choose Perfect Fit frames then you have the added option of being able to lower your blinds from the top or raise them from the bottom, sometimes know as Top Down Bottom up shades. This ensures that sunlight gets in while you maintain your privacy. This is a very popular choice for offices as they can be easily adjusted to the correct position to block out screen glare.

Dual Blinds for Loft Windows

One of the best options for skylight windows is a daytime and blackout combination. Perfect Fit frames can easily be attached to UPVC loft windows. For out of reach areas, electric motors can also be added so that you can switch between daytime and nighttime options remotely.

For more inspiration on pleated blinds see our Pleated Blinds Gallery. You can also view a sample of the current range on our Fabrics page.