Roller Blinds - New Collection Autumn 2012New Roller Blinds for Autumn 2012

This month we’ve added lots of brand new roller blind fabrics to our collection. There are classic plains in many colours and a range of new textures and bold patterns.

Roller Blinds - New Fabrics

Check our range of blackout blinds, ideal for bedrooms and loft rooms. Team them with a velux or perfect fit frame to prevent any light leakage around the edges of the blind.

For softer light filtration, there are a range of soft diffusion fabrics. These are ideal for downstairs rooms are are the modern equivalent of nets, where you need plenty of light while maintaining privacy.

There are a range of easy wipe fabrics that are ideal for kitchens and utility areas. the fabrics are moisture resistant and you can just use a damp sponge to wipe away any marks.

Also see our brand new range of childrens blackout roller blinds. Available in a selection of fun colours, these blinds block out sunlight and are easy to maintain. As with all of our blinds, various child safety options are available.

Roller Blinds - Childrens Blackout Fabrics

We’ve already featured a number of the new fabrics on our facebook and twitter profiles and will continue to add them, follow us to stay up to date with the latest roller blind trends and products:

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Roller Blinds - New Fabrics for Autumn 2012