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Woodweave Blinds are the perfect choice for creating a natural looking area. They are perhaps best suited to dining rooms, studies and conservatory areas – rear facing rooms that are geared towards relaxation.

The blinds either roll upwards or open upwards in folds, similar in style to Roman Blinds.

A pelmet is created in the same fabric to cover the top bar. A co-ordinating bottom bar is added, to which you can add brass, chrome or wooden pulls if required. We can also add fabric tape to the sides of the blinds for a neater edge.

Your Blinds - Woodweave Blinds - Haiti WhiteWe currently have eight styles of woodweave blinds available and each style comes in different colours, giving 20 possible options. Choose from White through to Walnut.

Woodweave Blinds are made from renewable, natural materials. These are a great solution for large window areas, although they can be manufactured for smaller windows too. They can also be shaped, making them an ideal alternative for conservatories.

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