Somfy Electric Blinds

It’s at this time of year that we all start to think futuristic thoughts and are feeling full of optimism for the year ahead.

So while we’re such a in futuristic mood it’s probably a good time to talk about Somfy products. Somfy produce electric / electronic gadgetry that allows complete controls of your window blinds either from a controller, wall switch, sensor or even your smartphone.

While this kind of technology has previously been in the domain of the rich and famous, it’s now becoming much more affordable and practical.

Somfy Electric Blinds

The quiet range of Somfy electric motors can be added to most blind types and can even control the slat positioning on venetians.

Blinds can be controlled individually or as a group. For instance, close all blinds at the push of a single button when you leave the house. Set the timer to open all blinds at 8am to help you wake up. Or have the sensor trigger all blinds to close halfway when the sun comes out in order to keep your room cool.

You can even set a favourite blind position that can be achieved at the touch of a button.

Somfy are extremely quick and easy to install. They are cord free, making them one of the neatest window blind systems available and child-friendly too.

Pretty much the whole range of window blinds fabrics can be used with Somfy motors so you can still enjoy choosing from a wide range of fabric types and blind styles.

We’re Somfy expert fitters, so to enjoy a futuristic lifestyle and to be the envy of your friends in 2013, come along to our showroom and enquire about Somfy Electric Blinds.