Blinds For Doors

It’s not just your windows that need blinds. Doors also need covering to provide privacy and warmth. In the past we’ve used heavy curtains to cover our doors for privacy and to keep out the draughts during winter. In the 80s, vertical blinds became a popular choice for newly installed patio doors.

Now we have a much greater range of options, including the fantastic Perfect Fit system, where the blinds are fitted directly onto your door and therefore do not hinder access like some other systems. The vast choice means it’s easy to match your door window dressings with your other decor.

Panel, Vertical, Venetian and Woodweave Blinds


Panel, vertical, venetian and woodweave blinds are great for large doors and cover your entire door area. Panel and vertical blinds are on tracks and can be easily moved aside to allow access to your door. Venetian and woodweave blinds roll upwards so will need to be raised high enough to allow access.

Perfect Fit Blinds For Doors

perfect-fit-door-blindsAn innovative system developed in the UK, Perfect Fit are a fantastic idea for those who like tidy and practical door coverings. This solution is for UPVC doors only, since the Perfect Fit frames simply slot into the door frame without the need for any drilling (a credit card is all that is needed to measure the positioning of your brackets). The option to choose from Pleated, Vertical and Roller blinds to fit inside your frames means that there is a vast choice of fabrics available, including all of the latest fashion colours. Venetian blinds have the usual controls, whereas Pleateds and Rollers just clip into place by raising and lowering the bottom bar.


patio-door-shuttersIf you have the budget available then shutters are an increasingly popular choice for covering patio and french doors. They start with a budget priced MDF range and go through to high quality cedarwood. Whatever the price range, shutters are extremely hard-wearing and can provide an added level of warmth and soundproofing.